Guaranteed Rent

Knowing how much income to expect and when to expect it helps you to plan financially. Our Guaranteed Rent scheme will help you to do that with a fixed monthly rent, paid on time for the duration of your agreement. 

Most landlords worry is not having a regular source of income: with a degree of uncertainty tenants will default on their rent payments or fail to pay on time, void periods or vacant property and rental prices dip.

With our Guaranteed Rent scheme all the above problems are solved, giving you financial security and peace of mind to focus on more important things like family and running your other businesses. Our guaranteed rent scheme covers Greater London, South East London and Kent.

How it works?

This service allows us to become your tenant, guaranteeing you a fixed rental income for the duration of the tenancy period. Our team will then let, select and reference the right tenant to move in. The on-going management is then passed on to our Management and Maintenance Team for “BETTER CARE” allowing you to get on with your busy life.


With our BETTER CARE approach, we add value to every property we lay our hands on. This is done by undertaking some renovation works (if required) to bring your property to marketing standards and conduct monthly cleaning and inspections for ongoing maintenance.

Additional benefit with this scheme?

  • No hidden cost
  • We can lease up to 5 years
  • We carefully select and reference ideal tenants
  • Pay your rent on the same day every month
  • No void periods, your rent is paid in full for the agreement period
  • We cover financial burdens for any evictions
  • We cover any damage and repair bills

You can sit back and enjoy life knowing your property is in good hands!