Buyers Guide

Buying a Property with JNG Estates is simple and hassle free. Our range of fantastic properties combine with our buyer services makes buying through JNG Estates easy.

Quick steps to buying through JNG Estates:


  • The first step to buying a property through JNG Estates is registration. You can either call, email or register on our website.
  • When you do, one of our property experts will assess your search criteria and send you details of appropriate properties.
  • Please tell us if you have a property to sell to see how we can help.

Know your affordability

  • Before you begin your search criteria, we recommend that you speak to a financial advisor (if required) to get a Mortgage in Principle”. (A Mortgage in Principle is a conditional offer from a mortgage lender).
  • Having a Mortgage in principle before your search tells a vendor you are a serious buyer.
  • Our independent financial advisors would be please to provide you a free, no obligation consultation regarding your mortgage options available to you.

Your Search

  • We will keep you up to date with every property within you search criteria.

Viewing and Offers

  • When you see a property you like, get in touch to book a viewing.
  • Your viewing is either done by JNG Estates or the vendor.
  • Once you view and like a property, you can make an offer in writing with proof of funds/mortgage in principle.
  • Our property experts will present and negotiate your offer verbally and in writing to the vendor.

Offer Acceptance

  • We will prepare a memorandum of sale.
  • Confirm price agreed with both buyer and vendor.
  • Confirm solicitor and mortgage details.

Instruct a Solicitor

  • Instruct an experience and professional solicitor.
  • If you cannot, we will recommend one to you.


Choose a good solicitor to ensure the following is done smoothly.

  • Receive and review draft contract from the vendors solicitor.
  • Carry out searches and investigation of title.
  • Set a date to exchange contracts.
  • Your solicitor can rely on our help and support throughout this process.

Survey and Mortgage Offer

  • A property survey is carried out.
  • The aim is to identify any structural problems with the property and the value.
  • The survey report is sent to your lender, after review, they will send you and your solicitor a formal mortgage offer for you to sign.

Exchange of Contracts

  • This is when your transaction and completion date become legally binding on your exchange of contracts.
  • Your deposit is sent to the vendors solicitor.
  • Your mortgage lender will also pay mortgage advance.

Your Completion

  • Congratulations!
  • As soon as your mortgage lender pay the balance of your purchase price to the vendors solicitor, and funds clear, one of our property experts will release to you.